Use of cell phones and electronic devices: increased fines

dateFriday, December 15th, 2017

Handyverbot am Steuer

Guest author Christoph Becker explains the fines for the use of mobile phones and electronic devices despite the cell phone ban behind the steering wheel.

Careless handling of smartphones behind the wheel will cost drivers more money in the future. The existing schedule of fines has been significantly tightened and broadened. The new “mobile phone ban” now includes a technologically open wording to ensure that drivers can not be distracted while driving by information, communication and entertainment in general.

These devices must not be picked up or held. Also a use or operation, which goes beyond a brief distraction from the traffic, is prohibited.


  • Anyone who, as the driver of a motor vehicle, uses an electronic device intended for communication, information or organization in a unlawful manner. 100 euros + 1 pts
  • … is endangering others during the use 150 euros + 2 pts + 1 month driving ban
  • … causing a traffic accident (with property damage) 200 euros + 2 pts + 1 month driving ban

Note from the TIS editorial board:

On the other hand, it is allowed to use devices that are permanently installed, in a fixture or operated by voice control. TIS offers different solutions for its customers.




Written by Christoph Becker

Police chief inspector and road safety consultant at police Münster.
The department for road safety of police Münster informs drivers of commercial goods and persons free by sending regular "information-mails". We will keep you up-to-date on news and changes in the social rules (driving and rest periods). Information on digital recording equipment, cargo securing and anything that might be important to you, we will pass on to you.
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