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Improved planning with exact arrival time

The estimated time of arrival has still not quite reached the logistics industry. This is sad because it could make the daily work of many dispatchers easier – but only if the data is right.

Everything will go digital at some point

Scientists are increasingly warning companies not to miss out on digitization. This harbors many dangers and in extreme cases can lead to the decline of enterprises. But there is still a long way to go.

De-minimis funding 2021 – things to consider

This year, again, the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) started the De-minimis funding for companies involved in road haulage with heavy commercial vehicles. Through this, the Federal Office promotes the optimization of the vehicle fleet with regard to safety and the environment.

App for the truck parking space search

Safety first beim Parken, so könnte der Slogan von KRAVAG Truck Parking lauten. Eine App, die besonders in diesen Zeiten so hip und nützlich ist wie ein eigener Parkplatz.

Staying calm despite the Corona crisis

With crises always comes opportunity as well. This is especially true when government aid cushions are buffering the worst consequences of lost sales and buy some time to act. With strategic decisions, difficult phases can be used for course corrections, further digitization steps and the development of new business areas, instead of falling into apathy or hectic rush.

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