A dream of the future: New vehicle safety systems

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Science makes it possible that in the future, thanks to technical and innovative advances, we can hope to prevent a large number of accidents or at least minimize the extent of their damage. A lot is already possible today in the field of vehicle safety systems, but the costs must be borne and the legal framework must be specified.

In January 2020, the EU Regulation No. 2019/2144 on the type approval of motor vehicles and trailers as well as of systems, components and independent technical units came into force with regard to general road safety. From July 6, 2022, it will be mandatory in all EU countries.

Therefore, a schedule was drawn up that specifies which technology or security measure is to be implemented when and in what form. Find more info in this article from the BMVI

(1) Emergency Brake Assistance System (EBA)

Many accidents still occur at the end of a traffic jam or when there is heavy traffic. Independent and timely braking should prevent these accidents in the future. In a further stage then also for pedestrians and cyclists.

(2) Intelligent speed assistant

Too high or inappropriate speed is still the main cause of accidents. In this case, the technology should consist of a combination of its own detection (camera system) and a specified speed limit (GPS). However, it must still be possible that the driver can overrule it if a dangerous situation or a driving maneuver makes it necessary.

(3) Fatigue warning system

Microsleep is indicated by warning signs from the body and a sufficient number of breaks should be planned in advance of the journey. If the driver is still not vigilant, system analyzes should make it possible to recognize this in good time and to warn the driver.

(4) Improvement of the field of vision / turn assistant

Camera-based and with a warning system, the visual areas of buses and heavy commercial vehicles are to be further expanded. The safety and visibility of weaker road users will experience a significant improvement and the number of turning accidents could also decrease with this measure.

(5) Event-related data storage

Anonymous data storage should enable a more precise accident reconstruction and a targeted analysis of road traffic safety. It must be ruled out that the driver or owner data is identified.

Further vehicle security systems are planned. Under the above link Interested parties can view the complete list at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. There is also a precise schedule of when and in what form the systems will be introduced.

Martina Habeck

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