City Cycling for the climate: TISSIS participate

TIS nimmt Teil am Stadtradeln

This year again TIS participates in the campaign  „STADTRADELN – Radeln für ein gutes Klima“ (“CITY CYCLING – Cycling for a good climate”). Organized for the ninth time already, the nationwide competition aims to promote climate protection and bicycle traffic in the participating cities.

22 TISSIS support this good initiative with their team „Rad-ArTISten“ (“Bike Artists”), in which they will pedal diligently. The goal is to ride as many kilometers as possible by bike in the period from May 1st to 21st. Credited will be all kilometers by bike, whether to school, to the office, shopping or at a joint bike ride.

On the website participants can register, enter their mileage and look up the ranking of a municipality or a bike team.

In addition to climate protection, fitness and team building there are other reasons to join the CITY CYCLING: For the top-ranked municipalities and cyclists numerous prizes are awarded – from panniers and helmets to high-end bicycles.

Last year around 130,000 cyclists and cyclists in 341 municipalities pedaled in Germany’s largest municipal bicycle campaign. They covered a distance of close to 25 million kilometers and thus avoided the output of more than 3,500 tons of CO2 compared to driving cars. Also on board were nearly 2,500 municipal parliamentarians to set an example as role models per bike. As CITY CYCLIST STARS 125 mostly local celebrities such as mayors or councilors completely switched to the bike and left the car standing even 21 days straight.

Barbara Brecht-Hadraschek

Since 2000 online editor and copywriter. For several years, she writes and proofreads texts of all kinds as a freelancer for TIS. For the new blog she works as an editor and writes technical papers in close collaboration with the TIS team.

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