Come to visit the Zukunftskongress Nutzfahrzeuge 2017 in Berlin

Zukunftskongress für kommerzielle Nutzfahrzeuge 2017

Under the motto “ Commercial vehicles – networked and efficient in the future”, commercial vehicle professionals will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and future technologies at the DEKRA-organized Zukunftskongress Nutzfahrzeuge 2017 (Future Congress for Commercial Vehicles) on November 7 and 8, 2017.
The event will include the topics of digitalization, emission-free and fuel-efficient vehicles, new measurements and weights for commercial vehicles, best practice examples and telematics as a tool for digitalization.

In the meantime, the drive technology alone no longer determines the efficiency of a transport solution. Instead, the collection and evaluation of data around the entire transport process is becoming increasingly relevant. The effective implementation of the findings gained from these data for more economical planning and utilization of the fleet and the protection of resources and the environment are already the key to successfully operating in a market characterized by competition and time pressure.

Telematics indispensable

Telematics systems are already an integral link between the transport chain and the truck. In the future, however, the networking of the vehicle, cargo, infrastructure, sender, consignee and transporter has to become considerably finer.
New drive systems, EU directives and autonomous trucks will significantly change the traffic of the future. A secure, intelligently networked telematics system will be the basis for this in the future.

With its new technologies, the transport industry is growing in ever more diverse ways to streamline its processes and plan more profitably. At the same time, the fast-paced change can only be made by those who care about trends and, above all, technology.

Keeping up with change

Entrepreneurs who are already informed about current offers, trends and developments have good chances to grow with the change and profit from it.
At the Future Congress for Commercial Vehicles, the solutions of today and visions of tomorrow will be presented. Expect exciting lectures by more than 50 high-profile speakers on the topics of commercial vehicle technology and telematics.

Industry expert and TIS Managing Director Peter Giesekus will talk about the latest tools and possibilities for the efficient handling of collection and delivery under the title “More pace on the first and on the last mile”.
Do not miss the future – come to the Future Congress for Commercial Vehicles in Berlin in November.


Besides the development of software for mobile order management the TIS GmbH focuses on the design and implementation of customized telematics solutions. For over two decades now, the company actively participates in the continued evolution of mobile data communications and logistics.

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