Contactless „receipt“ with drop off permission + photo

In order to live up to the current situation, TIS customers have the option of configuring the acknowledgment function for their drivers accordingly or having our support configure them. Then the signature is replaced by a drop off permission with a photo.

In the private sector, drop off permission for parcel services has been known for a long time. Here the recipient gives a drop off permission for shipments. In doing so, he relieves the delivering driver of the obligation to acquire a signature. So far, this is not common in the B2B area.

In the current situation, logisticians can also relieve their drivers of the mandatory signature by giving them a drop off permission as employers (or for subcontractors as clients). In order for the delivery to be documented in a traceable manner, the driver must then take a photo of the delivered goods at the drop off location. This avoids direct contact with the recipient and there is still a POD status (proof of delivery).

More information about contactless delivery

Protection against infection during delivery – contactless signature in TISLOG

Barbara Brecht-Hadraschek

Since 2000 online editor and copywriter. For several years, she writes and proofreads texts of all kinds as a freelancer for TIS. For the new blog she works as an editor and writes technical papers in close collaboration with the TIS team.

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