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The new period for De-minimis funding by the Federal Office for Freight Transport (BAG) for commercial vehicles in road haulage started on January 7, 2020. Various measures to optimize your fleet with regad to safety and the environment are eligible. Investments in TELEMATICS systems are also eligible for up to 2,000 euros per commercial vehicle. This also includes efficiency-optimizing measures such as telematics systems and software for displaying, evaluating, managing and archiving the data from the digital tachograph – applications that TIS GmbH also offers.

As part of the De-minimis funding, the BAG assumes a maximum cost share of 80% of the total costs for eligible measures.
A maximum funding amount of EUR 33,000 per year (or EUR 100,000 in three successive tax years) is possible per company.

Important note: Apply for funding BEFORE you order hardware or software for the implementation of your planned measure or receive an order confirmation. This is one of the basic requirements for a positive decision by the BAG. AFTER you have received approval for funding, you can place your order for products and solutions, such as TIS products, for your fleet immediately, without jeopardizing your funding.

New: The nature of planned measures or planned investments does no longer have to be specified when applying for funding!

You have time to decide what you want to use the funding for until you have received a positive decision from the BAG.


Here’s how the application works



Download the application documents and submit them online  

Register for free at or log in with your existing account. Download the application form and other forms HERE.
Submit your completed application documents online at
Instructions from the BAG on how to apply can be found HERE.



Confirmation of receipt and processing

The BAG confirms receipt of the documents stating the budget for the approval period and, if necessary, requests further documents, such as further information or evidence of your fleet.
Subsequently, as the applicant, you will receive a control form from the BAG, in which you can review all the information the BAG has received.



Positive decision

If the decision is positive, you will receive a confirmation from the BAG with a deadline for the implementation of the planned measure (5 months).



Proof of use for the funded measures

Within 5 months you have to prove the implementation of the planned measures to the BAG .



The application period ends on September 30th, 2020.
The day on which all documents have been received in full counts as the date on which the application is received!

Download the application and other forms.

More information about De-minimis 2020 and a sample calculation can be found here.


Oliver Krahmer

The trained forwarding merchant and technical business administrator has been in the transport and logistics industry since 1983. He has been working for more than 20 years in sales of forwarding and logistics as a sales manager, trainer and coach, and for more than 10 years in telematics. In addition, he is a recognized load-securing presenter and driver coach.

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