Digitization of transport logistics Uber everything?

TISLOG mobile Smart Logistik-Software

Stefan Dörfelt, product manager for online freight forwarder überland has written an interesting post about how the business model of Uber can be transferred to the logistics industry. Strongly suggested for reading:

Digitization of transport logistics Uber everything?

(sorry, this link is no longer available)

TIS provides an easy to use solution for the spot market in charter use called TISLOG mobile Smart that allows to submit jobs via SMS on any phone and to receive all relevant information and statuses, without breaking the German data protection laws.

Please contact our sales team with your questions!

TIS GmbH Sales colleagues

Peter Hochwald

Since September 2016 at TIS in the field of internal sales. Peter Hochwald has 17 years of experience in the telecommunication sector. He represents the interface between internal project staff, suppliers, and customers.
Focuses on sales of TISWARE hardware and TISPLUS accessories, also supports marketing and administration, and takes care of the global Vendor Relationships.

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