First swap station to optimize truck-meets-truck traffic

First swap station to optimize truck-meets-truck traffic

Since February 2015, the first “SwapStation”  is located at junction Kirchheim. This monitored swap station allows carriers to also conduct time delayed truck-meets-truck traffic. The station is a trial and in operation until April 2015.

So far, for a successful exchange of loads vehicles have to be in the same place at the same time. The time of the exchange must be precisely organized – but traffic jams, problems during switching or delays in departure repeatedly disturb confused coordinated timetables.

For this problem, the company has developed the driver concept of the monitored SwapStation. The idea: When the first vehicle reaches the exchange point, it leaves the carried along swap trailer or trailer on-site and picks up equipment standing ready for the return trip. So forwarders and transport companies can buffer their trailers and swap trailers at the exchange points. The staff at the swap station monitors everything, so only authorized drivers can take the load.

Test operation of SwapStation at the motorway junction Kirchheim runs until April. All forwarders and transport companies that are active in the partial or complete load segment are welcome to take part.

Those interested can get in contact with the project managers via the following email address:

Image source: Fotolia, Canstockphoto

Barbara Brecht-Hadraschek

Since 2000 online editor and copywriter. For several years, she writes and proofreads texts of all kinds as a freelancer for TIS. For the new blog she works as an editor and writes technical papers in close collaboration with the TIS team.

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