Information about the list of penalties

Police Headquarters Münster - Traffic Directorate

Chief of Police Christoph Becker on the current list of fines in case of violations of traffic regulations during the cold season.

Because of the traffic accidents that are increasing every year in the dark season, which are often associated with serious consequences, I would also like to point out the expected fines, registrations in the VZR and possible driving bans in case of non-observance of the regulations:

Driving on ice, snow, snow slush or frost without the prescribed M + S tires: 60 Euro, 1 pt.

  • with traffic disturbance: 80 Euro, 1 pt
  • with risk: 100 Euro, 1 pt
  • with accident: 120 euros, 1 pt

Passing a car with a permissible total mass over 7,5 t, although the visibility by fog, snowfall or rain was less than 50 m: 120 euros, 1 pt.

  • with traffic disturbance: 200 euros, 2 pts, 1 month
  • with accident: 240 euros, 2 pts, 1 month

Driving in bad visibility and weather conditions with non-adjusted speed: 100 euros, 1 pt

  • with traffic disturbance: 120 Euro, 1 pt
  • with accident: 145 Euro, 1 pt

In the event of exceeding the permitted maximum speed outside closed towns with a visibility of less than 50 meters through fog, snowfall or rain, truck drivers (3.5 tonnes or more) should expect a fine of up to 600 euros, 2 points and 3 months driving ban.


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