Josef Bielefeld: “Effortless generational change with TISLOG Logistics & Mobility”

Josef Bielefeld: “Effortless generational change with TISLOG Logistics & Mobility"

We have completely restructured and greatly expanded our product range. Company founder and CEO Josef Bielefeld explains the backgrounds in this interview.

What stands behind the new name TISLOG Logistics & Mobility?

Josef Bielefeld: The name TISLOG Logistics & Mobility is a clear commitment to the logistics sector and a progressive internationalization of TIS in the customer environment with well-known names such as Gebrüder Weiss, the Raben Group or Camion Transport AG.

Which target groups do you have in mind?

Josef Bielefeld: With our advanced and modular product range, we address small, medium and large businesses. Completely new are the mobile solutions for Android devices under under the name TISLOG Smart and TISLOG mobile Enterprise.

And what about PSV3?

JB: The field proven solution PSV3 remains part of our portfolio under the new name TISLOG mobile PSV3 and is suitable for handheld computers running with Windows Embedded 6.5.

How do the new solutions differ?

JB: TISLOG is the further development and expansion of the proven PSV3 system based on new technologies like Web services, HTML5 and Java Script. The focus of development was on the highest possible flexibility and speed when we realize specific customer requirements. This involves a so-called “workflow overloading” …

What does that mean?

JB: … which means that the implemented standard workflow on mobile devices can be superimposed by a custom workflow. In conventional solutions, such changes need to be part of the standard program have to be enabled via configuration.

Are there any other differences to PSV3?

JB: TISLOG mobile Enterprise provides a scope of features comparable to PSV3. This also includes the familiar features of the systematic processing of checklists by the driver. Examples are truck-departure checks and documenting of damages during loading and unloading.

What about do your existing customers, who PSV3 have in use?

JB: Basically, mobile devices with PSV3 and TISLOG mobile Enterprise can be used parallel, which enables a trouble-free generation change. PSV3 will be maintained by TIS as before.

Does that also apply to TISLOG mobile Smart?

JB: TISLOG mobile Smart can not be compared with PSV3. Here we have an OS-independent BYOD solution (BYOD = Bring Your Own Device), which was designed for charter transport or spot contracts. The system does not require installation of apps or other software and refers the order data online via a website associated to the tour.

How does this work?

JB: At the beginning of the tour, the driver enters a specific Web address (URL) in the browser of his cell phone and operates the jobs displayed there. After shipping the new shipment status, photos or proofs of delivery are transmitted by data upload to the central security server. With this constellation TISLOG mobile Smart ensures at all times that sensitive order and customer data are protected and not stored on the driver’s mobile phone.

What has happened in the course of the reforms to the web portal InfoDesk?

JB: The completely redesigned web portal InfoDesk has been integrated into TISLOG office and can now be unlocked at any time without any additional installations. Under the name TISLOG office TIS has summarized all server services to control and manage mobile devices. The server solutions TISLOG office have built-in features for device management and distribution of mobile software (Deployment), whereby safety and maintainability are increased significantly. The new server concept makes it easier for customers to opt for individual services of TIS and put together a customized total solution. Components from TIS can easily be combined with components of other software and hardware vendors.

Accordingly TISLOG office acts as an online interface for the telematics data from the mobile devices?

JB: That’s right. In the portal, the data can be edited directly or transferred from there automatically to the customer’s freight forwarding software. In this regard, numerous interfaces to various systems have already been implemented.

Apropos: TISLOG even accepts functions of a freight forwarding software, doesn’t it?

JB: Again, there were many enhancements: With TISLOG office DispoBook orders can be entered and can be scheduled, both for part and full loads as well as general cargo. A new feature is an automatic tour formation based on route plans and customer master data. In addition, with TISLOG office now swap trailers, semitrailers can be managed as well as charging vessels or containers – and all this order and tour-related. Thus, the portal also partially takes over functions of a transportation management system.

Did we forget any modules?

JB: Another pillar in the restructured product portfolio forms TISLOG telematics. This includes complementary products and services relating to the data of the tachograph and the FMS interface. Based our new telematics unit “Telematicbox Truck premium”. And under the name “TISPLUS” TIS has finally combined the proven in-house developed hardware accessories. We have already developed a number of vehicle mounts and ergonomic pistol grips. Another new feature is our professional accessory for tablets with unique features for use in rugged everyday forwarding.

Mr. Bielefeld, thanks for the interview!

Image source: TIS GmbH

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