Logistics heroes: Inspiring making-of-video accompanies campaign launch

The Logistikhelden (logistics heroes) are an ingenious advertising campaign that transports our industry and what it does into broader public perception. Starting this summer, YouTube videos and large-format posters will tell exciting stories from festival drivers and robotics experts to forklift drivers and top managers. These are our heroes and heroines, showing the diversity of the logistics industry. The making-of-video shows this spirit very well.



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“Logistics, with more than three million employees and a turnover of 263 billion euros […] is the third largest economic sector in Germany. However, much of the supply chain management and logistics activities are invisible to the general public. “[values from 2017]  2)

That’s what “Die Wirtschaftsmacher” (The Business Makers) want to change:

With the initiative, the Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. (BVL) appeals to companies, associations and the media. The association invites them to work to improve the image of the logistics sector in the future, through their networks, communication channels and financial commitment. The motto: We are “The Business Makers”. The Federal Association is involved extensively in the logistics industry; for example, it also created the Tag der Logistik (Day of Logistics).

The Image Campaign “Logistikhelden”

The image campaign “Logistikhelden”, which has now started, was developed together with well-known advertising agencies. It is intended to initiate a large-scale movement across the entire industry and beyond, aiming not only for an image change and greater acceptance, but also for more public interest in the logistics industry as a whole.

It is planned to present people from all sectors of logistics as heroes of everyday life on billboards, in ads, on social media platforms and other media channels.

On the basis of impressive facts, such as the number of meals and medicines delivered in crisis areas or the number of customers and mileage served by a driver, the performance of all those involved in logistics is demonstrated to the public. At the same time, the range of selected “logistics heroes” represents the diversity of careers within the industry. This is intended to spark the interest of potential employees in a career path in the logistics industry.

“Die Wirtschaftsmacher” already find much attention and support. We too, the TIS GmbH, take part as supporters. After all, as an IT provider with our solutions for mobile order management, we are also part of the logistics industry. Logistics heroes and heroines also work here.

We think: A great initiative, which hopefully will receive a lot of attention, so that “logistics” in the minds of people is more than annoying truck traffic jams on the highway, and is widely accepted.

More about the campaign and Die Wirtschaftsmacher:

The entire video channel with 14 YouTube stories and heroes reporting on their work in logistics: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAtnQJoZwfdGZnYdqRFBVXQ

More about the initiative of Die Wirtschaftsmacher: www.die-wirtschaftsmacher.de.



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