MEGA: Automatic returnable goods surveillance and mobile monitoring with TISLOG

Returnable goods surveillance and mobile monitoring with TIS

The Stuttgart based wholesaler for the butcher craft and gastronomy (MEGA) has recently started to use TISLOG mobile PSV3 to perform their logistical tasks more efficiently and thus more cost-effective. An important feature is the “Virtual Loading Equipment Waybill”, significantly enhancing the overview of unreturned loading equipment.

In addition to the Cash and Carry business (C + C), which involves the daily selling of meat, fish, dairy and frozen products as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to major customers, the company operates its own meat production and cutting. In the non-food sector MEGA has another mainstay with catering equipment and workwear.

Punctuality to the minute is the alpha and omega
In addition to the local business the wholesaler operates a delivery service which delivers gastronomic products to about 400 farms per day in Baden-Württemberg with 40 refrigerated vehicles. The specifics of the hospitality industry present some logistical challenges to MEGA: Because gastronomy businesses often order both frozen products (-18 ° C) as well as refrigerated fresh foods (2 to 5 ° C). And with these products, all depends on particularly precise deadlines with short acceptance windows and a perfect goods state.

Automation of data transfer
This was not always possible without errors in daily use with Outlook and Excel lists and with the feedback from drivers by phone. With TIS the status reports of trucks have been digitized by truck boxes with interface function integrated in the refrigerated truck. In addition, all drivers are now connected via mobile devices with the head office, relevant data are passed almost real time and automated. In addition, the vehicles are tracked in real time and displayed on a map in the head office’s disposition. Thus, the disposition has control of each step, always knows where the vehicles currently are located and how many stops they have to do. With TISLOG mobile PSV3 MEGA can also create overviews of load contents and delivery order and generate chargebacks of exchange, loading equipment directly at the customer as needed.

Formerly an overview of the distribution of loading equipment among the individual clients was technically impossible. Now, it only takes a glance into the system. By this MEGA has made a good step towards smooth and error-free work processes in freight transport.

Virtual Loading Equipment waybill
An important add-on for MEGA is the “Virtual Loading Equipment Waybill“: The driver keeps track of various deliveries in one truck and is able to assign the deposits safely even with different loading equipment return swaps. At the same time he can alert the customer of missing loading equipment and note this in the system. This relieves the loading equipment accounting, resulting in faster, more efficient processing – and makes more time for the concerns of customers.

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Besides the development of software for mobile order management the TIS GmbH focuses on the design and implementation of customized telematics solutions. For over two decades now, the company actively participates in the continued evolution of mobile data communications and logistics.

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