Minimum Wage Law: TISLOG office supports mandatory documentation

Minimum Wage Law: TISLOG office supports mandatory documentation

The Minimum Wage Law (MiLoG) is associated with considerable administrative duties. According to the law employers are required to keep records of working for all employees and temporary workers with a gross monthly salary of up to 2958 EUR.
Users of our telematics solution TISLOG office have access to prepared reports by which the new documentation requirements can be met for the minimum wage law.

This is especially useful, if the driver receives a salary instead of wage and the actual hours related are not yet recorded. The MiLoG requires that the duration of the actual daily working time of employees needs to be recorded in German language and must be retained for two years for audits. Offenses such as missing or incomplete records will result in a fine of up to 30,000 EUR.

To avoid pitfalls in MiLoG, it is therefore useful to document the work and constantly compare the minimum wage to the actually paid salary.

If the salary falls below the minimum wage due to overtime, TISLOG office is able to calculate several alternatives: There are choices available, such as paying overtime or keeping of overtime or annual working time logs.

Minimum Wage Law - Sample Evaluation in TISLOG office


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