Mobile devices: Ears heating up during phone calls

Mobile terminals are our constant companions for calling or data transmission. However, only a few pay attention to the radiation of the devices when buying. A helpful support for buyers before their decision for a new mobile phone comes from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS).

If you have a long call and have the phone on your ear, you can already feel that it is getting hot. This is due to high-frequency fields, the mobile phones and tablets establish when they go on a standard wireless reception. In this case, the body absorbs some of the energy that the cellphone gives off. Whether this can be dangerous for humans is still unknown. The BfS states that, according to the current state of science and technology, there is no danger from mobile communications.

Use modern mobile radio standards

Nevertheless, there are ways to protect yourself from possible health damage. It possible, everyone should only make calls or send data if at least an UMTS or LTE connection exists, because these mobile standards start their connection always with the lowest transmission power and increase it, when necessary. The first GSM mobile standard handles it the other way around and first sends out full power. If a secure and stable WiFi network is available, it should be preferred.

Outdoor antenna for vehicles

Another precautionary measure, according to the BfS, is an external antenna on vehicles. The bodies of trucks and passenger cars act as Faraday cages and make it difficult to escape the mobile signals. Therefore, mobile devices without external antenna must work with high radiation.

Many tips at the BfS

In addition, when buying pay attention to how much a model radiates. This determines the so-called absorption rate (SAR). It is an important indicator to see the radiation intensity of mobile phones and is calculated in watts per kilogram. For example, according to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, mobile devices below 0.5 watts per kilogram are regarded to emit low radiation. The maximum value according to BfS is 2.0 watts per kilogram. This valid with the two usual measuring methods, in which the value at the head (0.5 cm from the head) and in the other method, the value at the body (2.5 cm from the body) is measured once. If you want to know exactly how high your mobile device values ​​are, you will find a detailed list on the BfS website, which has been constantly updated since 2002.

Ralf Johanning

Ralf Johanning studied political science and works as a freelance journalist. For over ten years now he reports on the transportation and logistics industry. The priorities include topics such as telematics, software, and ICT. In 2006 the trained editor, Head, and Press Officer founded the editorial office Alte Schule with his partner Ann-Christin Wimber.

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