New court rulings for road traffic – the police headquarters inform

New court rulings for road traffic - the police headquarters inform


Backing up in a parking lot

If a truck driver damages a car when reversing in a parking lot, he usually bears all the blame.When reversing enhanced obligation for executive care in road traffic are in order.

In the event a motorist had parked her car on a highway parking lot behind a truck. When the truck backed up, he bumped into the car and pushed it approximately three feet backwards. The judges ruled that the truck driver has to pay for the damage (2000 Euro).
Source: Cologne Administrative Court, judgment of 14.04.2015 – 14K 3417/11 –

Trucks that run partly on the hard shoulder

A truck driver who drives on the hard part has to bear the major share of causation, if it collides there with a broken-down car. This applies even if the car was not sufficiently secured. The reason why there had been a collision, was that the truck was traveling on the hard shoulder.
Source: OLG Nuremberg, ruling V. 16:07:14;. file no. 1U2572 / 13. ADAJUR v. 18:11:14

Lane change using zipper method

A lane change may not be enforced at the zipper method. Endangering other road users must be excluded. In the present case a driver, whose track ended at a construction site, switched to the other, ongoing lane. This had caused a risk to the vehicle on that lane. Source: OLG Dusseldorf, judgment V. 22:07:14;. file no. I-1U152 / 1

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