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Police Headquarters Münster - Traffic Directorate

Whether construction sites, diesel bans or regulations for vans – at the start of the new year, there are a variety of new regulations already in force or planned for 2019 legislative changes regarding traffic and traffic safety. Here is an overview:

Problem: construction sites

NRW will presumably become number one again in terms of traffic jams in 2019. Last year, the maximum was 584 kilometers congestion in NRW. The biggest bottlenecks are expected due to construction sites and renovation of many bridge structures..

Prevention Tips

  • Observe traffic warning radio, avoid peak times wherever possible and avoid construction sites.

  • Adjust speed and distance to the traffic conditions.

  • Know the actual vehicle width and adhere to the regulations on lane usage on construction sites.

  • In the event of a traffic jam, make the rear traffic aware of the danger by switching on the hazard warning lights.

  • Observe regulations regarding the rescue route.

Problem case: diesel driving bans

In 65 municipalities, the specified nitrogen levels are too high. Leading cities are Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne. Some cities, such as Hamburg have already imposed a diesel ban on sections. In Stuttgart, since January 1st, the first traffic ban for foreign Euro 4 diesel vehicles has been in force throughout the city. From April 2019 this regulation will also apply to locals and from September it will be extended to vehicles of the Euro 5 class. Exemptions are provided for some craft companies, as well as buses, taxis, utility vehicles and utility vehicles. It is planned that more cities will follow. With the BAB 40 around Essen for the first time also a highway would be affected.

  • Before departure, plan the route exactly and inform yourself about possible driving bans

  • Observe exemptions and research exactly which prerequisites must be met

  • Due to the great uncertainty and constant changes keep an eye on the news and changes

  • Detours are usually signposted

Problem case: vans

The so-called vans (trucks up to 3.5t) put considerable pressure on the logistics industry, as many statutory provisions such as rest periods, speeds, etc. are not considered in the same form as for vehicles with a higher permissible total mass. Therefore, they are increasingly used in freight transport to increase the revenue of companies. For reasons of occupational safety, but also the increasing number of accidents, the topic will be discussed at European level in 2019.

  • Beware of unpredictable driving maneuvers due to overloading or lack of load securing especially at high speeds on the BAB.

  • In Germany, maximum permissible masses of 2.8 t or more are governed by regulations for driving and rest periods. Inform yourself before departure

  • Drivers are often under high pressure, so watch for signs of tiredness or lack of concentration

Further news from the Police Headquarters Münster, Directorate Traffic – Traffic Prevention Traffic Accident Prevention

  • In 2018, an increasing number of road deaths (3,220) and seriously injured (393,000) were recorded. After the trend has been declining for years, the numbers are rising slightly. The reason could be the high traffic density and the increase in new registrations.

  • Tempo 100 with trailer? This should soon be possible in Switzerland. In addition, it becomes mandatory in Switzerland to form an escape route in accordance with the traffic situation.
  • Initial registration possible online. A request was launched by the Ministry of Transport and is expected to be implemented later this year. In all likelihood, you will need an ID card with activated online function.
  • To prevent accidents caused by noiseless electric vehicles, they will be required to generate an acoustic signal in the future. The sound is modeled after the sound of an engine.
  • Better overview of the gas pump is planned to be provided by geometric symbols which will uniformly characterize fuels throughout Europe and thus prevent uncertainties or incorrect refueling abroad.
  • Increase of toll costs under consideration of noise pollution planned.





Martina Habeck

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