Power Management: How to ensure long battery runtimes

For smooth operation of your mobile data terminals (MDT) a long battery runtime is an important prerequisite. Our latest white paper shows you how to manage the power consumption of your MDTs optimally when they are running with our telematics software PSV3.

Power Management: How to ensure long battery runtimesMobile data terminals draw the necessary power from rechargeable batteries. All measures for the optimal control of this power consumption can be summarized under the term “Power Management”. Power management means to temporarily disable unnecessary function modules and configure the suspend mode intelligently. This will extend the runtime of your MDTs significantly. The configuration features of PSV3 offer you a number of settings to save power.

Saving power with PSV3 Power Saver: For example, by

  • Switching off the display and keyboard backlight when the device is not in use
  • Turning off unnecessary radio modules (e.g. WLAN module on tour, or WWAN + GPS receiver during indoor scanning)
  • Activation of the scanner or camera electronics only in necessary situations
  • Complete shutdown of the device during long breaks or rest periods

The user of the MDTs does not have to bother with adjusting these power saving options manually, because PSV3 controls them automatically. Some of these settings are of course highly dependent on the application profile – more about this – and how you can configure the suspend mode optimally – check out our TIS white paper, available for free to download from our website.

White Paper Power Management – Free Download

Image Sources: Fotolia, TIS GmbH

Josef Bielefeld

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