Private relocation with the company truck


If you want to lend the company truck to your employees for private use, you should follow a few rules.

Again and again, employees are lending their company’s trucks to organize a private move. According to Article 3h of EU Regulation No 561/2006 there is an exemption (non-commercial carriage of goods) in favor of drivers.

For “vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of not more than 7,5 tonnes used for the non-commercial transport of goods”:

• The control unit must be set to “out of scope”.
• The driver card does not have to be inserted in this case.
• Before and after, however, a print should be made and kept for verification purposes.

Examples in which this exception applies:
The private relocation, domestic weekly purchase, private purchases of large household items (furniture, washing machine, etc.), transports of non-profit associations or organizations, which are carried out within the scope of the non-profit purpose without the intention of winning.


Besides the development of software for mobile order management the TIS GmbH focuses on the design and implementation of customized telematics solutions. For over two decades now, the company actively participates in the continued evolution of mobile data communications and logistics.

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