Product development on the screen: How our TISPLUS hardware is born

Product development on the screen - TISPLUS Hardware Accessory

TIS is also manufacturer specializing in accessories, such as car holders and ergonomic trigger handles for industrial smartphones. The magazine Plastverarbeiter now reported about our product development process using 3D modeling and 3D printing.

Using a parametric 3D modeling system the specialists at TIS manage to transform innovative ideas into series products within just a few weeks. For this purpose, our hardware developers first build a model on the screen. The CAD system allows to pull and pluck the model until it fits. In a second phase, a 3D printed prototype is created from the 3D model. With this we can immediately perform a functional test and fast optimization.

The advantage of this development process: In only a few days we can test out new ideas – and bring them to the market as well in the shortest time. This has significantly reduced our product development processes.
The entire essay is available for download here (German only): TIS_Plastverarbeiter

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Besides the development of software for mobile order management the TIS GmbH focuses on the design and implementation of customized telematics solutions. For over two decades now, the company actively participates in the continued evolution of mobile data communications and logistics.

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