Protection against infection during delivery – contactless signature in TISLOG

A new function in the TISLOG telematics software now better protects personnel and customers from infection during the delivery process. Smartphones and tablets have had a dubious reputation for the hygiene of their surfaces, not only since the Coronavirus pandemic. The Android app of the TISLOG software for mobile order management has recently made it possible to perform a completely contactless delivery, including confirmation of receipt by signature, without touching surfaces, with a small change in the configuration. The driver can easily photograph the signature on paper using his smartphone or tablet. The photo of the signature is then automatically inserted in the proof of delivery. Drivers do not have to deliver without acquiring proof even in times of COVID-19 if they use TISLOG.

The Coronavirus triggered drastic developments within only a few months. Millions of people had to stay largely at home and switch to online orders and delivery because markets and stores are also closed. The ordering business is booming. Delivery staff work on the edge of their capacities. At the same time, all service providers who are in direct contact with customers during these times are required to ensure that the strict regulations to contain the virus, such as keeping a distance and extreme hygiene, are observed.

Contactless proof of delivery for drivers

In principle, the package delivery alone can be carried out very simply without contact by drop-off at the front door, for example. The challenge arises when proof of delivery for the driver is also needed.

In the interest of the health of their customers and employees, some deliverers are currently completely waiving signatures. In the event of discrepancies regarding the delivery, however, trouble is inevitable here and the service provider bears the financial risk because he lacks the evidence.

No matter how the situation will continue to develop, one thing is already pretty clear. The Coronavirus pandemic will bring about lasting changes in many processes in our everyday lives. Proof of delivery in the transport business will very likely be one of them. Because in the future service providers will definitely want to be able to prove that a delivery has been made in the event of disagreement.

This is how the contactless signature in TISLOG works

In the delivery dialog of the TISLOG app there is a signature field, in which recipients can usually sign directly on the smartphone or tablet of the delivery driver using their finger. This physical contact with the surface of a mobile device can be avoided with the new function in TISLOG.

After a small change in the configuration of the software, the driver can convert the signature field into a photo field simply by the push of one button on his mobile terminal.
The consignee places the signature on a piece of paper, which is then photographed by the driver in the signature field with the camera of the mobile device. The driver does not have to touch the paper and the customer does not have to touch the mobile device. Everyone involved can keep their distance at all times.

TISLOG automatically inserts the photo of the signature into the proof of delivery, which is then available directly in Infodesk, the web portal for the headquarters, and can also be printed out as a PDF, for example.


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More options for contactless delivery in TISLOG

Contactless „receipt“ with drop off permission + photo



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