Rescue card sticker from TIS

Rescue Card Sticker from TIS

The rescue card gives accident assistants and paramedics important information for the recovery of car passengers. The accompanying rescue card sticker signals the accident helpers that they find this important information in the car behind the driver’s sun visor.

The rescue card was developed by ADAC. The idea behind this is that modern technology protects motorists on the one hand in the event of an impact. On the other hand, the work of the accident assistants can be made more difficult if an accident victim has to be freed from the car. The technical data on the rescue card provide information on where, for example, steel scissors are to be attached to the bodywork or what precautions are necessary in order not to trigger airbags. This can save time during salvage and save lives.

On the ADAC website and in the branch offices, car owners receive their individual rescue card for their car model summarized on a DIN A4 sheet. And also on the site of the appropriate rescue card can be downloaded for printing.

The rescue card should always be stored behind the sun visor on the driver’s side. A rescue card sticker on the windshield informs the fire brigade and the accident helpers about the rescue card.

Please note that his offer is currently only available in Germany.

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