Rescue path – increased fines!

A rescue path can save lives

Rescue paths can save lives. Therefore, the fines for not building a passage for ER vehicles were drastically increased. Guest author Christoph Becker informs.

Every driver knows the situation of a motorway blockage or a traffic jam, which forces all road users to stop and wait. The first requirement for the waiting traffic is to clear a path for the rescue vehicles. On the free lane the rescue workers can drive as quickly as possible to the place of the disaster and damage, to save lives there.

The rescue path should already be formed when approaching the traffic jam. Unfortunately, in practice this can only be ascertained in exceptional cases. Usually, the emergency vehicles need to use special signals to clear their path. The necessary maneuvering and avoiding the stopped vehicles often creates new obstacles.

Since October 19, 2017, the fine has been increased drastically:

  • Anyone who does not build a rescue path in the stopping traffic 200 Euro + 2 points
  • … blocking or hindering rescue vehicles 240 euros + 2 points + 1 month driving ban
  • … endangering others 280 euros + 2 points + 1 month driving ban
  • … causing a traffic accident (with property damage) 320 € + 2 point + 1 month driving ban

Christoph Becker

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