Saving money through software

Forwarding companies are able to save money through to process optimizations. Especially, through the usage of new software which amortizes after a short period of time.

Saving money concerning the truck driver
There are different possibilities of saving money looking at the truck driver. One example is the optimization of the working time of the driver. This includes the driving times, the loading at the company and the waiting time at the customer.

  • Optimizing the driving times
    The driving times can be used more efficient with the help of a tour optimization or an auto dispo. A more efficient tour means more stops per tour or a better exploited driving time. In the length of time it is even possible to reduce the number of drivers and trucks.
  • Optimizing the loading in short-distance traffic
    While loading, a camera system for searching the right package is helpful. With the help of such a camera system, packages can be found faster which saves time. Depending of the warehouse system, up to 20 minutes per tour can be saved.
    But also the usage of the function Multiscan simplifies the work of the driver. Most often there are several barcodes on one single package. So the driver has to look for the right barcode which takes some time. Instead, the Multiscan scans all of the barcodes at once and recognizes the right one automatically.
    At the pickup, the acquisition of a photo of the document can save time too. Because of this, there are no waiting times and the loading of the short-distance traffic can be started immediately.
  • Shorten the waiting times at the customer
    There are different reasons for long waiting times at the customer. Examples are the lack of information (unknown arrival time), too little open gates, too less employees or unstaffed goods receipt/issue. These waiting times can also be reduced through time frame management systems and notifications (ETA).
  • Costs for the use of vehicles
    There are also possible optimizations regarding the costs of vehicles. This applies to the numbers of kilometers, the used fuel or the waste of tires. The already mentioned tour optimization can help reducing numbers of kilometers and used fuel. Over a longer period, the waste of tires can be reduced as well. But also an analysis of the driving style can lead to improvement. This analysis recognizes strong brakings and fast drivings so that the driver gets to know about his driving style and gets the chance to improve it.

The mentioned points only show some of the possible actions to reduce costs. But they underline that with the help of the right software the working times of the drivers can be used more efficient and that the companies are able to save money.

Aileen Tekampe

Aileen Tekampe graduated in German and Anglophone Studies and has been working in PR and marketing since 2017. At TIS, she is responsible for all marketing tasks since September 2020.

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