Simplified border crossing

The project DaziT of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security Switzerland should simplify the transit processing of trucks by using the installed telematics.

Successful pilot project
At the beginning of the project, Planzer Transport AG explained the functions of telematics to the Federal Office of Customs and Border Security. After this, TIS GmbH created an interface to the Federal Office and took part in the pilot project to help with the realization of digitizing the transit process together with its customer Spedition Maier. The project was started in September 2021 at the customs office Ramsen and it was finished successfully in December. Through a digitized data transmission the drivers were able to cross the border without stopping. This saves important working time and leads to less emissions which harm the environment.

The technical implementation
The trucks of the forwarding agent Maier were already equipped with TISPLUS telematicboxes Truck by TIS. These boxes can send certain data, for example position data, in real-time to the TISLOG system. From there, the information can be transmitted via an interface to the Federal Office.
As soon as the vehicle enters a previous defined area, a so called geofence, TISLOG sends all needed vehicle data as well as the GPS position of the truck to the customs. The customs then checks the data and the certificate of export. If everything is correct, the direct border crossing will be activated for the truck. This means that the driver does not have to get in line with the waiting vehicles. Instead, he can use the fast lane which offers a border crossing without a stop. The permitted use of the fast lane will be indicated through a green traffic light. Because of this, mistakes by the drivers are impossible.

At the moment, the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security Switzerland is classified as a pioneer with its project. But in the near future, also other countries will start with a digital transit processing. A real advantage for forwarding agents and customs administrations.

Aileen Tekampe

Aileen Tekampe graduated in German and Anglophone Studies and has been working in PR and marketing since 2017. At TIS, she is responsible for all marketing tasks since September 2020.

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