Caution: Smartphones are considered mobile phones!

Caution: Smartphones are considered mobile phones!

Did you know that smartphones are considered mobile phones by the law – and therefore using them in the truck cab with the engine running is prohibited?

The unlawful operation costs a fine of 60 Euro and one penalty point in Flensburg.

The only exception is, if the device does not need to be taken in the hand for operation.

There is also a risk of loosing insurance coverage

In addition to the 60 Euro fine and the penalty point in Flensburg, there is also a risk of loosing insurance coverage, when using the mobile phone behind the wheel. This is considered negligent act. Some of car insurers restrict exactly this protection, if a driver has caused an accident due to using the mobile phone behind the wheel.

What is prohibited?

Forbidden is basically any use of a cell phone while the engine is running. This also applies to the new Smart Watches. Ergo: no phone calls without handsfree set, no reading or even writing of SMS, no glimpse at the clock.

What is allowed?

If the car is standing still and the engine is not running, you can use your phone as usual. Even if you are waiting at traffic lights or in traffic jams without the engine running. In addition, the use of technical aids, which can be used safely on the phone in the car, is allowed: permanently installed telephone systems, handsfree kits and unilateral headsets make using the phone in the car legal. In other European countries the fines and penalties are often much higher and stricter than in Germany.

Therefore, we recommend:

Equip your drivers with professional vehicle mounts for charging and safe operation of smartphones and the robust professional devices. For calling while driving only allow hands-free, voice controlled devices, which thus do not need to be operated by hand. Then you and your drivers are on the safe side of law.

Barbara Brecht-Hadraschek

Since 2000 online editor and copywriter. For several years, she writes and proofreads texts of all kinds as a freelancer for TIS. For the new blog she works as an editor and writes technical papers in close collaboration with the TIS team.

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