Motorola Enterprise Mobility products are again called Symbol Technologies

In the spring of 2014 Zebra Technologies acquired the Enterprise Solutions business of Motorola for $ 3.45 billion. Now the revival of the old name “Symbol Technologies” to build on the previous success of the brand.

Zebra itself produces barcode printers – while Motorola Solutions covers the barcode area with scanners. Behind the portfolio of the Enterprise Solutions business of Motorola hides the former symbol product line. Once pioneers of scanner and barcode technology and a market leader in this field, after the sale to Motorola and the concomitant loss of the name Symbol products had lost a large chunk of their identity in 2006.

Rebranding of a good old name

After the takeover at Zebra now the decision fell to revive the old name “Symbol Technologies” for this division – and to build on the success of the old brand. As Motorola Solutions has announced to its partners now, a rebranding process is being started. All products will carry the name of Symbol Technologies again. The first Symbol products are supplied in the third quarter of 2014 already, including the CS4070, the DS3408 and the MC18. By the spring of 2015, the process should be completed. This affects all Motorola Enterprise Mobility products, such as mobile computers, bar code scanners, RFID readers, wireless products and software.

In the first quarter of 2015, the entire information material will be revised. This regards all sites, data sheets, marketing materials, etc. changing to the name Symbol. This process should be completed by the middle of the second quarter of 2015. These schedules are the first estimates of Motorola and are subject to change. In any case, it is time to say goodbye to the Motorola seagull and welcome back “Symbol Technologies”!

Peter Hochwald

Since September 2016 at TIS in the field of internal sales. Peter Hochwald has 17 years of experience in the telecommunication sector. He represents the interface between internal project staff, suppliers, and customers.
Focuses on sales of TISWARE hardware and TISPLUS accessories, also supports marketing and administration, and takes care of the global Vendor Relationships.

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