Switzerland: Be careful with navigation devices on the windscreen

Switzerland: Be careful with navigation devices on the windscreen

Drivers having their navigation device mounted centrally on the windscreen are expecting sensitive fines and even the withdrawal of driving licenses in Switzerland. This rule also applies to other mobile devices that are used to navigate.

The incorrect installation of the navigation device can cost a fine starting at 380 Francs plus administrative fees. Switzerland has very clear rules here: The driver is obliged to ensure that the field of view of a vehicle is not restricted. In detail this means: “The driver at eye level of 0.75 m above the seat, must be able to freely overlook the roadway on the outskirts of a semicircle of 12.0 m radius […].” Stated in the Ordinance on technical requirements for road vehicles (VTS), Art. 71a para. 1 and 4.

Affected are the windshield and front side windows. Here the application of stickers, pennants, stuffed animals, fragrance trees or aperture is not allowed. The only exceptions are mandatory objects or stickers such as a motorway vignette or the interior mirror.

Unobstructed view must be ensured: The 12-meter rule

For navigation systems, certain exceptions apply, because these devices even contribute to an improvement in road safety when used correctly. A prerequisite is that the driver complies with the 12 meter radius rule: He must be able to identify an object which is located at a distance of 12 meters in front of him on the road. Navigation devices mounted centrally on the windscreen do not meet this requirement, because they create a blind spot. Therefore mounting at the upper part and especially the bottom of the windshield is allowed, because here the view is normally not impaired. This rule also applies to other mobile devices that are used to navigate.

The Zurich City Police Police shows in an explanatory leaflet by means of some diagrams, which positions are allowed for the navigation device and which are not.

During the trip, no navi

Besides the wrong installation of the navigation device, operation is prohibited while driving – and of course, making phone calls to the mobile phone as well. These two prohibitions also apply to Germany.

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