Tips for truck drivers: Healthy on the road

Deadline and time pressure problems have been a top priority for professional drivers for many years. The causes for this are manifold. Stress with their own disposition, congestion on the highway, lack of parking spaces on the rest areas and long queues at the unloading points. This leaves its mark on health and is noticeable through irritability, inner restlessness and frustration. Our guest author Martina Habeck of the traffic accident prevention in Münster looks at the health risks and gives valuable information on health prevention.

Logistics heroes: Inspiring making-of-video accompanies campaign launch

The Logistikhelden (logistics heroes) are an ingenious advertising campaign that transports our industry and what it does into broader public perception. Starting this summer, YouTube videos and large-format posters will tell exciting stories from festival drivers and robotics experts to forklift drivers and top managers. These are our heroes and heroines, showing the diversity of the logistics industry. The making-of-video shows this spirit very well.

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