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Mobile phones banned while driving: police union sees a need for clarification of the legislature

Anyone who takes his eyes from the road at 50 km/h for just two seconds, puts almost 30 meters behind himself blindfolded. At a speed of 130 km/h this are already 72 meters. The police union (GdP) has therefore demanded that legislature clearly defines when looking at the smartphone is allowed and when it needs to be taboo, last week on a traffic symposium about distraction in traffic last week.

Caution: Smartphones are considered mobile phones!

Did you know that smartphones are considered mobile phones by the law – and therefore using them in the truck cab with the engine running is prohibited? The unlawful operation costs a fine of 60 Euro and one penalty point in Flensburg. The only exception is, if the device does not need to be taken in the hand for operation.

There is also a risk of loosing insurance coverage
In addition to the 60 Euro fine and the penalty point in Flensburg, there is also a risk of loosing insurance coverage, when using the mobile phone behind the wheel.

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