Transport and Logistics Industry

Protection against infection during delivery – contactless signature in TISLOG

A new function in the TISLOG telematics software now better protects personnel and customers from infection during the delivery process. Smartphones and tablets have had a dubious reputation for the hygiene of their surfaces, not only since the Corona virus pandemic. The Android app of the TISLOG software for mobile order management has recently made it possible to perform a completely contactless delivery, including confirmation of receipt by signature, without touching surfaces, with a small change in the configuration. The driver can easily photograph the signature on paper using his smartphone or tablet.

Logistics heroes at the frontline during state of emergency

While numerous citizens in Germany and other countries are currently mandated to stay at home, some professions are right at the frontline right now. Thanks to courageous and committed people, we can continue our civilian life despite restrictions even in this difficult time and we wish everyone who is currently working so hard that they stay strong and healthy!

EU wants to make the 5G mobile standard more secure

The new 5G mobile communications standard is considered the key technology for building a digital society. The EU does not want to leave anything to chance. After all, the entire population could be spied on through cyber espionage. Correspondingly strict security measures should therefore be taken. This could also mean the end for Chinese manufacturers who are said to pass on data to the Chinese state.

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