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Emission limit values: The 57th German Traffic Court Conference criticizes the state

Februar 10th, 2019 (No Comments)

In the opinion of the German Traffic Court Conference, the Federal Republic of Germany has failed to lay down clear rules in order to enforce the emission limit values ​​established throughout Europe.

German Traffic Court Conference: Avoid more accidents

Februar 6th, 2019 (No Comments)

From January 23 to 25, 2019, the 57th German Traffic Court Conference took place. Ralf Johanning was there and prepared some topics for us. Second topic: accident prevention.

Toll rates take more account of the environmental factors

Januar 25th, 2019 (No Comments)

Road toll rates: Since January 1st, 2019, all commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonnes must indicate their weight categories.

Truck drivers urgently wanted

Januar 3rd, 2019 (No Comments)

The lack of truck drivers is becoming increasingly serious. An initiative of 14 associations has now pointed to this dangerous situation.

Is autonomous driving really possible? A new report is skeptical.

Juli 5th, 2018 (No Comments)

The discussions about advantages and disadvantages of autonomous driving do not stop. On the one hand, experts warn against unregulated liability issues. In addition, cyber security is still not guaranteed.

Path Cost Report: The toll costs are increasing

Mai 9th, 2018 (No Comments)

The Federal Ministry of Transport has prepared a new infrastructure cost report. Accordingly, the transport over the road for the German economy is becoming more expensive.

Legal certainty of the electronic delivery receipt

April 6th, 2018 (No Comments)

Signing on electronic devices is now common practice. Not only in the field of forwarding, but also at cash registers of supermarkets increasingly pads are available and make electronic signatures technically possible. But does this signature have the same legally binding effect as the old-fashioned signature on paper? And what does that mean for the electronic delivery receipt?

The digital tachograph gets smarter

Januar 23rd, 2018 (No Comments)

At the Nutzfahrzeugkongress (commercial vehicle congress) in Berlin, Continental provided insights into the world of the new digital tachograph. One thing is clear: everything will be easier for inspectors.