Tips for truck drivers: Healthy on the road

Deadline and time pressure problems have been a top priority for professional drivers for many years. The causes for this are manifold. Stress with their own disposition, congestion on the highway, lack of parking spaces on the rest areas and long queues at the unloading points. All of this leaves its mark on health and is noticeable through irritability, inner restlessness and frustration.

Below is a selection of other possible burdens for drivers:

  • Irregular and unhealthy diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Constant concentration and attention
  • Accident risk due to road and weather conditions
  • High traffic density and conflicts with other road users
  • Lifting and carrying heavy loads
  • Noise, fumes, dust and dirt
  • Lack of sleep due to changing working hours

The start of the working day should be well prepared. Basically, it is recommended to start the day rested. In addition, one should create the following framework conditions:

  • Appropriate work clothes
  • Safe and sturdy footwear
  • Vehicle check (detect defects in time and correct them)
  • Stow away mobile phone, newspaper, etc.
  • Programming the navigation system before departure
  • Have Drinks, sunglasses, etc. at hand

Stress-free driving – tips for drivers

The ride is more relaxed, if sufficient distance to the vehicle in the front is always maintained. In-town you should make eye contact with other road users and especially with children. Also friendly gestures improve the fairness in the traffic. If there is a traffic jam or heavy traffic, take a break if possible.

Dieting tips

A more irregular life rhythm leads to bad eating habits. Many drivers consume more calories than they actually need. With a full stomach, however, drivers can not drive well. The right nutrition plays a big role. Therefore, it is advisable to should from fast food and prefer light and wholesome meals.

Rules of the German Nutrition Society e. V. (DGE) (not exhaustive)

  1. Take advantage of the food variety – eat varied.
  2. Eat vegetables and fruits – take “5 a day”.
  3. For cereal products such as bread, pasta, rice and flour, choose the whole grain variety.
  4. Prefer vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil and spreadable fats made from them.
  5. Save sugar and salt.
  6. Drink around 1.5 liters of water or unsweetened tea every day. Too little liquid can lead to poor concentration and thus increase the risk of accidents.
  7. Take your time while eating.
  8. Pay attention to your weight and keep moving.

Source: DGE

Movement is good

The driver’s seat is the workplace. Although modern driver seats allow a back-friendly sitting position, nevertheless, hours of driving means long sitting in a forced body posture. Legs, arms and shoulders as well as lumbar spine and neck are tense. Added to this are physical strains caused by heavy lifting and carrying, for example when loading the truck. This causes neck and back pain.

Tips for relaxation:

  • Take every opportunity to stretch your legs.
  • Relaxation exercises in the wild are popular. At many
  • Rest areas there are trim paths. Also a walk loosens the muscles and relieves tension and stress.
  • Take a longer rest for a refreshment in the rest area
  • A shower has a refreshing effect and makes you alert again.
  • In the traffic jam or at the red traffic light is time for relaxation exercises:
    Pull shoulders up and down, shoulders roll, tilt head left and right or move forwards and backwards.

Sick on the road – what to do?

How should a driver behave if he suddenly gets a fever, lumbago or a toothache? Steering a truck sick or under the influence of drugs can have a fatal effect on the road. Take only medications that have been prescribed by the doctor. At, the list of all DocStop partner doctors and clinics can be downloaded. In addition, many truck stops already carry the DocStop logo. The driver not only receives addresses of doctor’s offices and hospitals in the vicinity, but also helps him to get there. By calling the DocStop hotline 00800/03627867, you can also directly request the address of the next DocStop doctor along the route.
Source: Berufskraftfahrer – Zeitung, 6-2019

Martina Habeck

The department for road safety of police Münster informs drivers of commercial goods and persons free by sending regular “information-mails”. We will keep you up-to-date on news and changes in the social rules (driving and rest periods). Information on digital recording equipment, cargo securing and anything that might be important to you, we will pass on to you.
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