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TISPLUS Telematicbox Truck Hardware

Our new Telematicbox Truck 2 premium for long-distance transport is already installed in over 1000 vehicles – and since this summer our trailer Telematicbox Truck 2 Locate supports semitrailer locating for our customers. It’s time to introduce the two models in our blog in more detail. Because the two new truck boxes provide our customers with valuable telematics data for scheduling and fleet management.

The Telematicbox Truck 2 Premium for long-distance transport

The Telematicbox Truck 2 Premium has been specifically developed for long-distance traffic and is equipped with a powerful GPS receiver and a separate SIM card. It can be installed across manufacturers in all trucks and connected to the FMS interface, or via an information interface to the tachograph.
The Telematicbox Truck 2 Premium provides comprehensive telematics data for dispatching and fleet management:

  • Data on driving time, working and rest periods by the minute
  • GPS tracking
  • Geofence monitoring
  • Driving style assessment with driver toplist
  • Filling level of the fuel tank
  • Theft
  • Fuel consumption
  • Alarm board with abnormalities
  • Downtime report

Reliable and convenient control of driving and rest periods

The information interface also sends data when the engine is not running and thus supplies the disposition at any time reliably with driving, working and rest periods that are automatically evaluated permanently by TISLOG office.

This allows for reliable control and disposition of the fleet according to the strict legal requirements. The working time of drivers are automatically detected and evaluated, which serves as a good basis for the documentation as part of the minimum wage law (MILog).

Visualization of the driving and rest times by timeline

In combination with TISLOG office the data from Telematicbox Truck 2 Premium can then also be accessed and displayed clearly on the screen.

This way dispatchers control easily, when and where their drivers have made breaks and when they were on the road driving. Thus they can easily meet their legal obligation to control the driving and rest periods. At the same time the minute timeline allows foresighted disposition of the driver, since the dispatcher sees at a glance on the screen, which drivers do not have enough driving and working time in their account.


Visualization of the driving and rest times by timeline
Visualization of the driving and rest times by timeline in TISLOG office


Downtime report

The Telematicbox Truck 2 Premium also provides an overview of the fleet at a standstill report. With this report, the headquarters always know where and how long their trucks have stopped. This feature provides transparent arguments for conversations with customers about adequate demurrage.

Driving style assessment

Also, all data from the tachographs, such as speed and flashy maneuvers will be delivered via the Telematicbox Truck 2 premium to the head office and displayed there in TISLOG office. A top list of drivers for the head quarters eventually promotes sustainable economic driving behavior.

Tacho Remote Download

By Tacho Remote Download TIS still offers a special service: The DDD files the truck – meaning the data from the mass memory and the driver card – are automatically read and backed up by our system twice a day. Prerequisite: The company has given us their company card that we have safely put into our data center.

In addition, the TIS-data center compares the data from the Telematicbox Truck 2 Premium with the DDD files and automatically performs corrections. If a driver corrects his start of work time by hand for example, this correction is subsequently acquired.

The advantage: Reliable and automatic downloading of mass memory and subsequent availability of the files for further processing and archiving in the company.

Mounting the box on the front side of the trailer is recommended
Mounting the box on the front side of the trailer is recommended

Automatic maintenance of the master data for drivers and vehicle

When importing the DDD files we automatically maintain the master data of the company, for example, all information about the vehicle and driver are compared and stored by us for the company. In addition to the time savings our clients can be certain to be operating with correct and complete information.

Telematicbox Truck 2 Locate for trailers: The telematics solution for trailers

For some time now with the Telematicbox Truck 2 Locate, we offer companies a telematics-entry solution for your fleet with to locate tractors. Now the Telematicbox Truck 2 Locate is available with a particularly robust housing for direct mounting on trailers. From there it reliably transmits the location of the trailer independently from the tractor.

The Telematicbox Truck continuously delivers the geo data to the control center, so that routes and downtimes of the semitrailer can be tracked. This facilitates the management of all trailers, regardless of whether the tractor works with TISLOG or not. This way companies also keep track in oncoming traffic, after the handover of trailers or track of their trailers at subcontractors. The Telematicbox Truck connects best to the power supply of the ABS system. For this purpose it is advisable to mount the box on the front side of the trailer.

Image sources: Fotolia, TIS GmbH, Forwarder Koch

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