Toll rates take more account of the environmental factors

Wegekostengutachten: Die Mautkosten steigen

Toll rates: Since 1 January 2019 it’s time again – Germany has adjusted the road tolls. Now all commercial vehicles over 7.5 tons must state their weight classes.

For all transport companies and drivers, increased vigilance now applies. In order to do everything right when calculating the toll, the drivers in the on-board unit (OBU) have to enter the weight class since January 1st. As soon as there are over 18 tons of permissible gross weight, input of the axles is also required.

Toll: Make the correct entries

The basis for the new classification of toll rates is the Act on Amending the Federal Highway Exemption Act (BFStrMG), which has been in effect since 1 January 2019, and for the amendment of other road traffic regulations dated 4 December 2018 (BGBl. I, p. 2251). It is therefore up to drivers and companies to make sure that the information is entered correctly in the OBU. The same applies when printing a ticket. According to the BAG, the correct input seems to be the biggest problem so far. That at least showed an evaluation of the current controls. Accordingly, predominantly vehicles, which are registered with a gross weight (zGG) of 18 tons, stand out.

The BAG points out, however, that vehicles with 18 tonnes and a trailer or semitrailer with a weight distribution of more than 18 tonnes must be registered. Then the number of axles on the OBU needs to be specified; Up to 3, as well as 4 and more axes are selectable.

The Federal Office for Goods Transport informs about the distances to be taken into account when entering the data. Thus, the weight is classified in the following classes: greater/equal to 7.5 to 11.99 tonnes gross weight (zGG), greater/equal to 12 to 18 tonnes gross weight and greater 18 tonnes gross weight. The permissible total weight is set in selection steps of 1.5 tonnes.

One additional aspect needs to be considered. The BAG points out that, in addition, the maximum number of axles must be specified for a gross weight greater than 18 tonnes. The number of axles can also be entered for weights below. The weight and axis settings are to be confirmed after the input, so that the OBU also takes over these values. This also applies to vehicles whose OBUs were previously set to the highest toll rate.

How to calculates weight and axis data

It is actually not that hard. The respective driver only needs the permissible total weight specified in the vehicle documents. For tractor and semi-trailer or towing vehicle and trailer, both values ​​must be added. So he gets the permissible total weight. Everyone should handle it carefully, because intentionally or negligently insufficient toll payments are an administrative offense, which can be punished with a severe fine (§ 10 paragraph 1 number 1 BFStrMG).

Background: This is how the toll is composed:

The toll rate per kilometer includes three toll rate units: the infrastructure costs according to the weight category of the toll vehicle or the vehicle combination, the air pollution costs caused depending on the pollutant class and the costs for the noise pollution amounting to 0.002 euros per kilometer. The differentiated graduation of the toll rates in addition to weight classes increases the causal fairness. This implements two motions for resolutions of the German Bundestag from the 18th legislative period. The toll rates are, as before, identical for motorways and federal highways. For the first time, external noise costs include noise pollution.

A detailed list of all toll rates can be downloaded from the BAG website.


Ralf Johanning

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