Traffic safety: Safe through the winter season

Police Headquarters Münster - Traffic Directorate

For more traffic safety: Chief inspector Christoph Becker has compiled a checklist for safe driving through ice and snow.

On the evening before, take precaution and cover the windows.
Before the departure of course the windshield should be free of ice and not just have a “peephole”. An ice scraper should be part of the equipment in every vehicle. Do not forget the clearing of snow and ice sheets from the roof of the vehicle.
The wiper blades should not pull streaks and a windscreen washer system filled with frost-proof liquid should be self-evident and is also subject to a legal obligation.
On longer rides carry blankets and hot drinks in the vehicle.
The lighting must work properly. This also includes, of course, cleaned lighting devices.
Avoid unnecessary lane changes, especially if the left lane is still covered with snow.
Please allow sufficient time. If the roads are impassable by ice and snow, take a break, even if you you are under time pressure.
Do not take any risks. Adjust the speed to the road and weather conditions. Make sure that your vehicle has the appropriate tires.
Pay particular attention to sudden ice and frost on bridge structures, in dips or on country roads.
If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock brake system and there is a danger on a smooth road, perform a full braking. This has the greatest braking effect and the anti-lock system ensures that you can still steer your vehicle.
In the current road conditions, show caution and consideration, even if the driver ahead of you is rolling over Münster’s roads at a slower than permitted speed. He is certainly only careful and would like to avoid an accident.

Christoph Becker

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